IO Hawk

This January, gadget fanatics descended upon Las Vegas for the 2015 annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Some innovative products emerged and we’ll run through some of the ones that took centre stage.

Back to the present

Described as the love child of a skateboard and a Segway, the ‘IO Hawk’ (pictured above) moves along with the act of simply shifting one’s weight.

This year’s show saw an abundance of different skateboards; I am almost certain that this is to do with the hover board we were promised in the Back to the future franchise. Nike have, after all, started work on self-tying shoelaces.

A tornado of drones

Attendees of the show also mentioned the omnipresent hum of drones around the centre. Consumer drones will feature heavily in 2015, and over a dozen companies exhibited this year.

One of the drones to feature was the FLYR1, a quad rotor with a detachable high-definition camera. It can follow you at a safe distance by homing a unique pattern on your shirt. The camera can also stream what it records online via your smart phone.

Smartwatches galore

Various Smartwatches bustled for attention this year, including the tougher looking Garmin Fenix 3 and the sports focussed Garmin Vivoactive.

One of the sexier additions was the Sony Smartwatch 3, which has shed the plastic body and takes on more of a square look.


However, the crème-de-la-crème of watches this year would have to be the LG/Audi Smartwatch.

Not much has been revealed about this watch so far, but in the demonstrations it managed to start a car engine with a single tap of the finger! Our opinion might change once we know a bit more, but that neat teaser trick already has me sold.

Augmented reality

Time magazine mentioned it as one of the five most important things happening in the conference. Oculus Rift, one of the leading companies in virtual reality, was there to show the world the new crescent bay prototype.

The new version boasts an improved virtual reality experience with a sharper display, less weight and faster refresh rate. It also features a new positional audio technology, so if you hear gun shots to your left and turn your head to face it, the sound will be coming from straight ahead of you.

There is radio silence regarding the company’s first consumer version, however based on this updated model there may be one on the way. Rest assured, I’ll be first in line.

Brain zapping 

We are not quite sure whether this constitutes a ‘cool’ product, but it’s certainly the most unique and bizarre.

The ‘Thyne’ is described as a ‘neuromodulation unit’ and aims to replicate the energising and relaxing effects of caffeine and alcohol using tiny pulses of electricity that are attached to your head via electrodes.

It’s claimed that only three quarters of people report a positive effect, and so we remain slightly cynical. Time will tell whether ‘brain-zapping’ franchises will be replacing Starbucks across the country.

It’ll be interesting to see which of these gadgets take widespread hold. Here at StoneShot we’ll be watching and making sure your messages get through whatever the next generation of gadgets end up being.