Technology can always be improved, and we are constantly thinking of new ways to develop our email platform, on both the back end and the user side. In our latest update, we’ve focused on refining our tracking system to improve the campaign activity captured.

We have replaced our existing Active Server Page (ASP) tracking framework with a new platform: .Net X Tracking. Our tracking framework has served us well but it’s showing its age; so it’s time to move on to greater and better things.

Basically, this now means that we will be able to capture some new stats and add the following elements to your campaign reporting:

* Location – where people are reading your emails
* Mobile or desktop platform – what they are reading your emails on
* Track engagement – how long they are reading your emails for

On the back end side, the new .Net framework allows us to add and extend features easily and quickly. It also brings us in line with our main development platform, supports common code sharing with less reinventing the wheel all the time, allowing us to concentrate more on features. More on these soon…

If you have any questions on this new feature please just drop us an email at