Lead scoring is an essential tool in any effective email marketing campaign and often proves invaluable when it comes to hitting the right people at the right times. But, just like any maturing piece of technology, lead scoring has begun to show some signs of aging which are in desperate need of updating. That’s where Engagement Scoring comes in. New, sleek, and maybe even a bit sexy are just a few adjectives any email marketer worth their salt would use to describe the additional features Engagement Scoring brings to the table. Below are some prime examples of the cracks in the otherwise sturdy foundation of the lead scoring tool, followed by the incredibly handy updates Engagement Scoring offers to fill in those gaps.

Problem: Watered down results

With traditional lead scoring you are given a window into which of your current or potential clients are engaging with your email communications but, unfortunately, this is about as deep as the insight goes. As nice as it is to understand what percentage of your audience is engaging with your overall content, you are left to speculate about several areas of their interests. This problem is increasingly apparent the more diverse your email communications become. Any knowledge is better than no knowledge but, if you have a wide array of products or areas of interest you are including in your email campaigns, you are still essentially left in the dark with vague numbers giving you little direction on how to improve your efforts.

Solution: Engagement tags

Engagement Scoring allows you to get more from your data by assigning different tags to emails promoting particular products, enabling you to determine who is interested in what. For example, if one of your contacts has only engaged in 20% of your emails in general but they’ve engaged with 100% of your emails about a certain product, you could then use that information to send them more deliberately targeted emails. The ability to identify which clients are hot and cold on a certain product will reduce your email wastage and bounce rates while improving your engagement with contacts who are ready to interact.

Problem: Undefinable campaign priorities

When planning an email campaign, more often than not there are certain metrics which are more important to you than others. For instance, if you are promoting a webinar you would most likely be focused on the amount of views rather than just the email open rates. Unfortunately, with traditional lead scoring tools both of these metrics will be weighted exactly the same and therefore recipients who are interested in viewing the webinar will be lost within a larger group of uninterested advisors who simply opened the email.

Solution: Weighting

The Weighting feature within Engagement Scoring enables you to prioritize certain actions over others creating a custom scoring system which will more accurately reflect the goal of your campaign. You might be surprised by the amount of people who open all of the emails you send but have never clicked a link or watched a webinar. With Weighting you can separate these less engaged advisors from those who actively engage with the content more frequently. This can be applied to the email links they are clicking, the videos and webinars they are watching, as well as the documents they are downloading. For instance, an updated factsheet email would be less important than a sales email promoting a fund, so the weighting of each email can reflect this.

Problem: Inflexible campaign options

Lead scoring is a “one size fits all” tool that is broadly useful but becomes a source of frustration when you want to alter some aspect of your campaign only to find your settings are set in stone. At the beginning of the campaign you set up your actions which is typically the end of your input into the process. Meaning, if your priorities change in the middle of a campaign, you’re completely out of luck.

Solution: Customization

Engagement Scoring was built around the idea that objectives change and often, in order to achieve the best results, aspects of a campaign need to be tweaked on the fly. With Engagements Scoring, not only will you get a completely tailor-made experience, you also have the industry knowledge and insights from experts at StoneShot whenever you need it. The StoneShot app is also fully integrated with Salesforce so you can access all of these game-changing features from the convenience of your Salesforce dashboard.

Engagement Scoring is the future of lead identification and it marks an exciting start to further innovating client acquisition via email marketing. Find out more about Engagement Scoring and the amazingly versatile StoneShot app here: